How to Repair a Computer

We might think that hiring a professional computer repair technician is too expensive when we really getting trouble with our computers. But we have to hire an expert for fix it. Nowadays computer repair companies offering methods of repair that are On-site and Online Computer Repair services and if the issue is simple enough simple then does it yourself repair depend on the needs.
Here we discussing the all methods of computer repair services: –
1) On-site repair: – usually computer repair companies are providing this service. You can bring your Computer to the shop and expert technician will be fixing your computer at that time.Geeks on site service are very convenient. You can describe each and every detail that what is happening with your computer. The technician will fix your problem whether it software or hardware. Even though onsite repair services are expensive, but it does guarantee and you will also get a warranty for that. These are some services that include onsite repair services:-
  • Data recovery
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Hardware repair
  • Device monitoring
  • Password resets
  • Speed up your computer
  • Junk or Temporary files removal
2)  Online Computer Repair : – These services basically offered by customer care or manufacture of your computer .Remote services will support your day to day computer related problems. This service is cost effective and no need for any technician on your private space. With few clicks or with hotline call, you can connect with a technician and they will give you instructions that you can enable that technician to take control your computer remotely for temporarily. When they can have access your computer they will automatically diagnose and find out what is the issue with your computer. If the issue is quite small then it will be fixed online by a technician but if the issue is more serious than you need to ship back your computer to a company to fix it. This service is time saving and super fast.
Here are some online computer repair services: –
  • Installations  of server
  • Router and firewall configuration
  • Data backup
  • Other IT support
3)  DIY Computer Repair – Sometimes we don’t need to search out any professional technician or “Computer Repair near Me” to fix the issues because we can fix some common issues by ourselves, but we just need to identify these issues. For example: – we get trouble with one common problem basically when our computer gets infected with viruses and malware. It will make your computer slow to run and it will become frustrating. So, all you need to run an antivirus program to get rid of this issue. The antivirus will scan your PC and detect viruses to fix it.
We can handle these types of simple issues.

5 Basic tips for computer repair

1. Control-Alt-delete hot key combo is the basic tip for deal with computer problems. Press control and Alt button simultaneous and then enter the delete button. When you done this it will open task manager windows and it will allow you to end unnecessary programs. If you done this process twice, your computer will restart and solve reboot error.


2. When you surf internet and browse websites then these websites will install unnecessary information without any knowledge that called spyware. When these unnecessary information installed your home page changed with different website. So, In order to avoid this problem you have to update antivirus or anti spyware then your homepage will change back , but always be aware of click on various websites.

3. How to uninstall a program that is faulty or unnecessary is one of the most frustrating things about computers. Most of windows or operating systems provide access the control panel through the start menu. In the control panel click programs and then click uninstall a program. In this control panel you can see various programs and just click Uninstall .This Process take few minutes and you will get rid of this problem.

4. Slow speed of computer is one of common problem. If your computer is running slow then you have to delete temporary files after uninstalled useless programs. When we surf internet then our computer downloads temporary files and you have to simply search temp files and then delete them.

5. if your computer speed is still slow then you have to defragment computer disk and this process is very simple. but make sure to backup your all important files and data before defragment process. You have to check power supply because if your computer loses power during this process it will damage your disk permanently.

For this process simply click on Disk Defragmentation program in system tools. Once you click defragment then process will take some hours to complete.


How to make computer Faster

Most of us get annoyed when our computers work slowly or not run smoothly and many our computer get hung also. There are so many reasons for making our computer slow and not run properly. So, in this post, we are sharing some important and helpful tips for making your computer faster and smoothly running.

Here are some things we all need to know and also check on and update for computer: –

  • Hard Drive Defragmentation
This is the most helpful thing to do for making your computer faster. You must have to defragment your computer hard drive once in a while. There is no need to do it weekly or monthly. Just do it when you need to do for a smooth running computer.

  • Run Anti-virus Software 
https://geeksonrepair.comWhenever we connect our computers with internet there are lots of spyware and unwanted viruses attack our computer software badly and it will completely slow down our computer and sometimes these antivirus can unsafe or corrupt our important data or files from computer. So, You must have best antivirus program or software to stop them and also update that antivirus software at least weekly. These viruses and spywares are the biggest reason that can effects our computer badly.
  • Check Internet Connection
If we surf the internet and getting slow speed, then don’t panic because it mostly occurs with internet connection or server and not only with a computer.So, whenever your internet speed getting slow check with internet service provider and also contact them and make sure the reason behind the slow internet speed.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Programs
https://geeksonrepair.comIf your computer is working properly with good speed except one software or program, then you can reinstall or update that program. May be an error just relate to this program. Most of computer software or programs ought to update time to time.

You can also uninstall unnecessary or useless programs from computer for make your computer faster.

  • Registry Scan  
Sometimes our computers get registry errors. These registry errors may affect your computer speeds, program speeds or other functions of the computer. The only solution to solve these errors is to scan the registry with cleaner software. This registry cleaner helps to find these errors and fix them.

Basic Computer Tips for Beginners

If you are a new computer user, Just remember these simple tips and tricks for enjoying a smooth running computer. So, to avoid such type of computer problems you have to act wisely and all you need to know some computer tips. In this post we are sharing most helpful tips for new computer users.
1)    You must know how to backup your computer data. So , first of all backup all your data on regular basis. Because A computer hard drive can fail anytime and anywhere and you must not want to lose your important data like images, music or other office files.
2)    For smooth running computer, you must update your computer programs and software updated. As well as update all Microsoft programs and plugins. If your computer will be updated, it will really helpful to make your computer faster.
3)    Now days some hackers are developing unwanted viruses, spyware or malware. They can steal your computer or other personal information. So, you can protect your computer with powerful anti-virus and anti-spyware program and update that antivirus regularly. A firewall can also protect your computer from unwanted viruses.
4)    For smooth running computer, you should clean your PC or computer regularly or after some time. Because due to dust computer fan will be clogged and the computer will overheat. you can also contact with Online Computer Repair agent for quick fix.
5)    Remove all unnecessary or useless data from computer and hard drive. You can run defragmentation tool for smooth running disk.
6)    Uninstall useless or unnecessary programs or applications from your computer.
7)    when you surf the internet, you have to keep in mind some things .Your password must contain special character or numbers for secure your accounts. Whenever you do online transactions, make sure the site must be open with https: .
8)    For quick task on computer know some important shortcut keys. There are many shortcut keys all over the internet. Just remember some important and useful keys for quick work and improve your productivity on a computer.
So, there are some important tips and tricks for new computer users. Just keep in mind these tricks for smooth running computer and secure your information.

The Internet and Computer Safety

We use computers and other mobile devices to access the internet daily. One thing that most people don’t know is that there are so many malicious internet users, who are out there to get access to your files and destroy them. These are the individuals who create spyware and malware to try and steal information from other internet users and use it maliciously. More than 50% of the world population is using the internet and the number is increasing daily. So, we can’t stop using the internet, but you can ensure that your computer is safe when accessing the internet. Here are tips to help you.

white computer keyboard with the red button help

Check for spyware, keystroke loggers, and hacking tools

If you suspect that someone is tracking your internet activities, perhaps it’s true. Hackers can access your computer especially if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions. Besides, someone can even install spyware on your computer. To know if you are being monitored, you can check for spyware and malware on your computer. If you find any, you will need to contact an Online Computer Repair service provider to help you know the most effective way of handling such problem.

One of the signs of malware in a computer is slowness. If your computer is taking too long to run a program or to load a simple tab on your browser, the chances are that it has malware. With that, you will need Computer Virus Removal services, and such a service should be offered by an expert who can teach you How to make computer faster.

Use your Computer carefully

When you realize that someone is monitoring your activities on the internet, don’t change your online behavior instantly. This is because the hacker might have already stolen very important information from your device and he/she might suspect that you have realized their activities and destroyed your files. Instead, act carefully: secure the important files in your computer, perhaps you may use backup services to encrypt them and change the passwords using another device.

Besides, you can still use the computer that is being monitored to perform innocuous activities such as checking weather updates. This will not raise the alarm to the hackers, and you will be able to research on a safe escape plan.

While researching for a safe escape plan, you may need to use another computer perhaps in a public library or a trusted friend’s computer. Make sure you do so as fast as you can because the hackers can do anything with your information including locking you out. Once you secure your information, you can now change all passwords, change the encryption, format your computer (once that was hacked), and take the necessary precautions to ensure that you never get hacked again.


The Internet is good and sometimes can be a real disaster. You can get information regarding almost anything on the internet, and at the same time, you can lose all the files you care about because of the same internet. Therefore, you must ensure that your computers are safe as you use the internet.

How to Prevent Malware from Infecting Your Computer

Perhaps you had to deal with a computer virus or some sort of malware in the past. I know it wasn’t fun. Instead, it was the most annoying thing, time-consuming, and extremely frustrating. Often, our computer starts performing slowly and instead of finding how to make the computer faster, and we start focusing on restarting the PC. Keep in mind that’s a sign that your computers might be having malware or virus. The best thing to do at such a time is to search ‘Computer Repair Near Me, ’ and you are likely to get immediate help.

Here are various ways of preventing your computer from getting malware.

Install anti-malware software

We all know that every computer must have the anti-malware software. Surprisingly, most home computers lack such software, and this makes such computers prone to malware. Therefore, you need to get a good anti-malware software to protect your computer.

Keep the anti-malware software up-to-date

Keep in mind that outdated anti-malware software is useless. It can’t prevent malware from attacking your computer. Therefore, if you want to cushion your computer from virus and malware attacks, you should ensure that the anti-malware software is up-to-date.

Scan your computer regularly

Well, this might sound like a no-brainer. However, most computer owners tend to forget that their computers must be scanned for virus and malware regularly. To avoid this pitfall, you can consider scheduling various scans at different intervals so that when you forget to initiate a scan, the anti-malware software will auto-scan the computer.

Keep your operating system up-to-date

Whether your computer uses Mac or Windows operating system, or any other operating system, you need to keep it up-to-date. Note that OS developers often issue security patches that might help to fix some security leaks. Such patches can help to keep your system secure.

Always use a secure network

https://geeksonrepair.comWe usually store very important stuff on our computers. These computers can connect to printers, or to the internet using either internet cables or Wi-Fi. You should always ensure that the network you are using is secure. This means that you must log in using a username and a password. Please avoid broadcasting open networks such as open Wi-Fi connections.

Besides, you should use WPA or WPA2 encryption. Note that WEP is no longer robust enough as most hackers can bypass it in just minutes. Avoid broadcasting your SSID which is the name of your network. If you need to access the network, you should always type the username (the SSID) and the password to log in. If you always have frequent visitors in your home and they access the internet using your home network, consider giving them an SSID that uses a different password. This is important especially if your friends are hackers.


Keeping your computer from getting malware isn’t an easy task. If you ever notice that your computer has malware, search for Computer Virus Removal services especially from well-known Online Computer Repair service provider.

Easy Steps That Will Make Your Computer Faster

Is your PC heating up, slowing down or making a whirring sound when powered on? Have you tried searching for ‘Computer Repair Near Me’ but no answer? A sluggish computer will slow down your business operations and in the long run waste a lot time and resources. Before you take any action, contact geeks on repair and they will guide on how to make computer faster and fix any issue with your computer.

Here we have list of what you can do to not only make your computer run faster but will also help in reducing the cost on computer repair services.

1. Invest in a Bigger Hard Disk Capacity

Sometimes a computer can be slow because it is running out of disk space needed for routine computer operation. Before, you replace the hard disk, back up your data. Your new disk should be of a higher capacity that will store data from the old hard disk and have enough space for the computer Applications. We can assist you in creating partitions on the new drive.

2. Computer Virus Removal

Use of other Operating system inbuilt and third party programs to scan your system to be free of spyware and malware is essential. This Applications once installed, they will delete any unnecessary and suspicious files are slowing down your machine. To ensure that you PC always runs faster, update your operating system regularly in order to get the latest definitions of computer virus removal tools. If you are using an Anti-Virus software remember to schedule a scan when you are not so busy with the machine.

3. Increase Your RAM capacity

One of the easiest thing to do is increasing your machines ability to executetasks faster by increasing the amount of RAM. If you need help on how to fix RAM, contact us as the computer repair shop near you.

4. Delete Temporary Files

A lot of files are generated by your PC upon booting and use of any application. For your computer to run faster, you need to delete these files since they eat up a lot of disk space. When you are done with the deletion, then free up some space too on the recycle bin.

5. Use of Appropriate Software

Using new software releases on your old hardware architecture will eat most of the machine’s resources therefore slowing down your PC. Using a more recent software on an older hardware causes ‘freezing’ of PC’s. The best way to avoid this freezing is to replace the offending hardware. If it not replaceable, Geeks on Repair can advise you on the best way to optimize your PC.

6. Look for Better Alternative Software

Some applications may be slower than others depending on the task at hand. For instance, some browsers will slow down your machine because of pop-up windows and background processes. Clear your browsing data or switch to a new browser.

7. Try Online Computer Repair

Any credible computer repair shop near you should be able to work on your PC remotely.Online Computer Repair is the most convenient way to fix your computer on the go! No time is needed for you to prepare and take your PC to the repair shop near you. Our technicians will link up with you via an internet connection and work to make your computer faster as you watch.

Please note that this service is available only if your PC has software related issues and can access the internet.