How to make computer Faster

Most of us get annoyed when our computers work slowly or not run smoothly and many our computer get hung also. There are so many reasons for making our computer slow and not run properly. So, in this post, we are sharing some important and helpful tips for making your computer faster and smoothly running.

Here are some things we all need to know and also check on and update for computer: –

  • Hard Drive Defragmentation
This is the most helpful thing to do for making your computer faster. You must have to defragment your computer hard drive once in a while. There is no need to do it weekly or monthly. Just do it when you need to do for a smooth running computer.

  • Run Anti-virus Software 
https://geeksonrepair.comWhenever we connect our computers with internet there are lots of spyware and unwanted viruses attack our computer software badly and it will completely slow down our computer and sometimes these antivirus can unsafe or corrupt our important data or files from computer. So, You must have best antivirus program or software to stop them and also update that antivirus software at least weekly. These viruses and spywares are the biggest reason that can effects our computer badly.
  • Check Internet Connection
If we surf the internet and getting slow speed, then don’t panic because it mostly occurs with internet connection or server and not only with a computer.So, whenever your internet speed getting slow check with internet service provider and also contact them and make sure the reason behind the slow internet speed.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Programs
https://geeksonrepair.comIf your computer is working properly with good speed except one software or program, then you can reinstall or update that program. May be an error just relate to this program. Most of computer software or programs ought to update time to time.

You can also uninstall unnecessary or useless programs from computer for make your computer faster.

  • Registry Scan  
Sometimes our computers get registry errors. These registry errors may affect your computer speeds, program speeds or other functions of the computer. The only solution to solve these errors is to scan the registry with cleaner software. This registry cleaner helps to find these errors and fix them.

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