5 Basic tips for computer repair

1. Control-Alt-delete hot key combo is the basic tip for deal with computer problems. Press control and Alt button simultaneous and then enter the delete button. When you done this it will open task manager windows and it will allow you to end unnecessary programs. If you done this process twice, your computer will restart and solve reboot error.


2. When you surf internet and browse websites then these websites will install unnecessary information without any knowledge that called spyware. When these unnecessary information installed your home page changed with different website. So, In order to avoid this problem you have to update antivirus or anti spyware then your homepage will change back , but always be aware of click on various websites.

3. How to uninstall a program that is faulty or unnecessary is one of the most frustrating things about computers. Most of windows or operating systems provide access the control panel through the start menu. In the control panel click programs and then click uninstall a program. In this control panel you can see various programs and just click Uninstall .This Process take few minutes and you will get rid of this problem.

4. Slow speed of computer is one of common problem. If your computer is running slow then you have to delete temporary files after uninstalled useless programs. When we surf internet then our computer downloads temporary files and you have to simply search temp files and then delete them.

5. if your computer speed is still slow then you have to defragment computer disk and this process is very simple. but make sure to backup your all important files and data before defragment process. You have to check power supply because if your computer loses power during this process it will damage your disk permanently.

For this process simply click on Disk Defragmentation program in system tools. Once you click defragment then process will take some hours to complete.



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