Easy Steps That Will Make Your Computer Faster

Is your PC heating up, slowing down or making a whirring sound when powered on? Have you tried searching for ‘Computer Repair Near Me’ but no answer? A sluggish computer will slow down your business operations and in the long run waste a lot time and resources. Before you take any action, contact geeks on repair and they will guide on how to make computer faster and fix any issue with your computer.

Here we have list of what you can do to not only make your computer run faster but will also help in reducing the cost on computer repair services.

1. Invest in a Bigger Hard Disk Capacity

Sometimes a computer can be slow because it is running out of disk space needed for routine computer operation. Before, you replace the hard disk, back up your data. Your new disk should be of a higher capacity that will store data from the old hard disk and have enough space for the computer Applications. We can assist you in creating partitions on the new drive.

2. Computer Virus Removal

Use of other Operating system inbuilt and third party programs to scan your system to be free of spyware and malware is essential. This Applications once installed, they will delete any unnecessary and suspicious files are slowing down your machine. To ensure that you PC always runs faster, update your operating system regularly in order to get the latest definitions of computer virus removal tools. If you are using an Anti-Virus software remember to schedule a scan when you are not so busy with the machine.

3. Increase Your RAM capacity

One of the easiest thing to do is increasing your machines ability to executetasks faster by increasing the amount of RAM. If you need help on how to fix RAM, contact us as the computer repair shop near you.

4. Delete Temporary Files

A lot of files are generated by your PC upon booting and use of any application. For your computer to run faster, you need to delete these files since they eat up a lot of disk space. When you are done with the deletion, then free up some space too on the recycle bin.

5. Use of Appropriate Software

Using new software releases on your old hardware architecture will eat most of the machine’s resources therefore slowing down your PC. Using a more recent software on an older hardware causes ‘freezing’ of PC’s. The best way to avoid this freezing is to replace the offending hardware. If it not replaceable, Geeks on Repair can advise you on the best way to optimize your PC.

6. Look for Better Alternative Software

Some applications may be slower than others depending on the task at hand. For instance, some browsers will slow down your machine because of pop-up windows and background processes. Clear your browsing data or switch to a new browser.

7. Try Online Computer Repair

Any credible computer repair shop near you should be able to work on your PC remotely.Online Computer Repair is the most convenient way to fix your computer on the go! No time is needed for you to prepare and take your PC to the repair shop near you. Our technicians will link up with you via an internet connection and work to make your computer faster as you watch.

Please note that this service is available only if your PC has software related issues and can access the internet.


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