Easy tips- How to make computer faster

Today everyone use computer and laptop in their daily lives. It’s become so painful when your computer is not working well and running very slowly. If you have trouble with the same problem with your computer and laptop, then just follow these simple tips. So, in this post we are sharing some easy tips and tricks to make your computer faster and running smoothly without hiring a computer repair specialist.

So, here goes: –

  1. Go Start menu, then search: – First of all, you have to clean up your disc with full of unnecessary files. Go into the start menu of the window, then click search menu and type “Disk cleanup” or “Disc cleanup”. You will get a cleanup icon there just open that icon. Another screen will open and you can choose what you want to clean in there. You will get all files, drivers, temp files, etc. just select the unnecessary items and click the submit button. This is how you can clean your computer easily.
  1. Recycle bin: – Simply go into desktop, you will show a recycle bin icon just open that icon and choose secure empty trash. This is the best way to empty your computer junk and empty that bin. This function is availed with all windows or other operating systems. This is really helpful for making your computer faster.

  1. Clear un-needed files: – This is the easiest and effective tip to clean up your computer. It also boot up your computer speed. Yhttps://geeksonrepair.comou just need to go to your desktop and drag all unnecessary files into the recycle bin and empty that bin. If you want to keep those files, then create a new folder and drag that file into a new folder and keep they save with another drive. Now restart your computer and boot up your computer faster.

These above are most easy tips that we shared with you here because some other repairs are costly, time consuming and make endless headache. Now, you can also make your computer faster with, follow these simple tricks and save your money and time.


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