Top 5 Computer Mistakes You Are Making to Sabotage Its Performance

If you are a computer user and have availed offline or Online Computer Repair more than once in recent times, then chances are you are making some horrible mistakes with your computer. While, everyone cannot be a geek, most all computer users are guilty of making these mistakes on regular basis. So, here are the top 5 computer mistakes. By avoiding these mistakes, you can not only keep your computer in its best health, but also save loads of money that you would otherwise had to spend on computer repair.

So, here are the top 5 deadly mistakes you are probably making with your computer:

  • Using A Pirated OS & Software:

Well, you know what we are talking about! There’s at least one person you know, who doesn’t discriminate while downloading pirated software off internet.  Here’s the thing; you do not know the sources of these pirated software or what could be hidden in those files! In this age of cyber-crime, downloading shady software from unknown sources can prove to be a callous move, resulting in data theft. Also, most pirated OS and software programs will not run without hitches, which will eventually increase your bill for offline or online computer repair.

  • Using Multiple Anti-Virus: your computer running at its sluggish best? If yes, then before you call up the Geeks on site and off site services, check whether you have multiple anti-virus software installed or not. Many concerned computer users keep purchasing security software to fortify their digital security. However, installing more than one anti-virus can hamper your computer’s performance pretty badly. Firstly, most anti-virus programs consume a significant amount of system resource to function. By installing more than one program, you end up exhausting your system resource; as a result, have a poor performing computer at hand. Secondly, every anti-virus software works in its own unique way using a particular set of algorithm. If you have two or more anti-viruses working on your computer, chances are the different algorithms would clash with one another, creating a poor performing system.

  • Not Updating Software Programs Regularly:

Whether it’s an anti-virus software or any other application, not updating them regularly would surely hamper their performances. This is especially true for your security software. Everyday there’s some new threat going rounds in the digital space; thus it is of utmost importance to keep updating your software programs to keep them up to date. You can avoid a lot of problems and threats by simply updating your software regularly.

  • Not Shutting Down Your Computer Properly:

According to many Online Computer Repair services, not shutting down your computer on regular basis can hamper the performance pretty badly. This is especially true for office computers which are generally left running with only the screen switched off. Most of these computers keep running for weeks and months. Thus, make sure to shut down the computers on regular basis to keep them in best health. Also, if you are facing problems such as slow performance, frozen screen etc., simply restarting the computer can do wonders.

  • Obsessive Defragmentation:

It is true that defragmentation used to be considered as a useful technique for boosting speed. But not anymore! With increased disk space and more powerful processors, computers today show very little improvement post-defragmentation. Thus, if you are continuously facing issues with your computer’s speed, it is best to get in touch with Geeks on site and off site services, instead of obsessively defragmenting your disks.

Are you making any of these 5 mistakes? If yes, then stop right now and see your computer performing at its best. Let us know any other computer mistake that you find pretty common.


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