Some Basics of Computer for Beginners

In this post we are sharing some best tips for fix some common computer mistakes for beginners. Sometimes, a simple and small error can be cause of a big damage or loss.


  • Security system updated: – There is lots of security or antivirus software available now. These anti viruses are developing or update every days. So when you install any antivirus or other security software then don’t forget to update it on daily basis. Because an error or virus via firewall can damage your hard drive or other important documents for ever. So, here are some tips for avoid this mistake: –


  1.  Daily updates or run your antivirus or other security system.
  2.  Don’t click unknown source or pages, links etc.
  3.  Use a strong password.


  • Computer Optimization
  1. You have to use power strip for computer for optimize its capacity and lifespan. So, avoid following things for better lifespan of your computer and also make it smooth running.
  2.  Don’t open too much programs when you just turn on pc or computer. It Just like us for example, we don’t work so hard after just waken up or do early morning because We need to boost up with coffee, shower for go to work. So, you also have to boot up your computer with some time.
  3.  You can use a surge protector instead of power strip because it can help to protect your computer against voltage fluctuations.
  4.  Don’t charge your laptop at 5% battery level because it can reduce its lifespan. You have to charge it when 50% remains.white computer keyboard with the red button help
  • Always backup data of your computer

If you want to save your passwords, apps, setting or other important documents in computer then you have to backup computer for save your data and recover further.

With these tips you can easily fix your computer or pc and also make it useful and durable. But If your computer suffers from other harmful viruses and other hardware or software loss then you must hire an Online Computer Repair or a professional geek expert.


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