Add more RAM to Make a Computer Faster

You must have heard people discuss random access memory (RAM) of a computer especially when they want to make a computer run faster. Some people claim that adding more RAM will make a computer run faster others say that computer virus removal is the key to making a computer run faster. One thing you need to understand is that numerous factors can make a computer run slow and therefore you need best Computer repair expert.


Of course, adding more RAM to a computer makes it faster. Let’s explore how more random access memory makes a computer effective.

Whenever you run a program such as an Internet browser, your computer’s microprocessor pulls the executable file from the hard disk and loads it into the random access memory. Huge programs tend to take large memory. Also, the microprocessor pulls several dynamic link libraries (DLLs) which take many megabytes. Then, the microprocessor loads the files you want to view.

Therefore, a large program can take over 100 megabytes of random access memory, and this can result in a slow computer. For example, on your computer you can have a spreadsheet, Word Processor, drawing program, an e-mail program, and more running at the same time. All these programs and the operating system take a lot of space and may need more RAM for them to run fast.


Well, you can decide to have a few programs running on your computer as a way of making it run faster, but you should know that at one point you will need several programs to complete a particular task. Therefore, you need Online Computer Repair experts to make your computer run faster.

Note that you should never add random access memory to your computer on your own unless you are sure of what you are doing. Computers are some of the delicate electronics. A slight mess can ruin your expensive and cute laptop or desktop.

Therefore, you should contact Geeks on Site and off site service providers to help enhance your computer’s RAM. Such Geeks know How to make computer faster by first analyzing what would be the primary cause of the slowness. After detecting the primary cause of slowness, they will offer a lasting solution.

Of course, we all know that viruses on your computer can make it slow. With that, Online Computer Repair expert will help with Computer Virus Removal to make it faster. It is worth noting that you should never attempt to remove viruses from your computer especially if you notice that the virus is chronic. They can analyze the extent and strength of the virus and get an effective way of eliminating it.

The advantages of contacting an expert to make your computer run faster are countless. Apart from adding more RAM or eliminating viruses from your computer, They offer other computer repair services to make your computer run faster as well as make it last longer.


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