Best Ways to Speed up Your Computer

Is your computer running slow, whirring, and whizzing as it attempts to catch up with you? Spending so many minutes waiting for your all-in-one or laptop to load up a Microsoft Office program or a simple web page can even make a sane person desire to discard it. Before you spend thousands of dollars trying to fix your computer, you may realize that it only takes a few simple steps to make your Mac or Windows computer run fast.

Note that bloatware, viruses, and your computer settings can be the primary cause of slowness. If you are not tech savvy, you may need to consult geeks on site and off site for Online Computer Repair and Computer Virus Removal assistance. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your computer runs faster.

  1. Update your software

Always ensure the installed software including applications, web browsers, and drivers are up to date. Also, you should ensure that the windows are up to date. Note that outdated software could be one of the leading causes of a slow computer and unless you fix this problem, your computer will continue to run slow. If you don’t know how to update computer software, turn to Geeks on site and off site for online computer repair services.

  1. Defrag your computer regularly

Whenever files are stored on your computer’s hard drive, these files are broken down into small pieces which are stored in several locations on the hard drive. The more the data accumulate, the longer the hard drive takes to access them. Defragging a computer involves using disk defragmenter tools to reorganize these files in a more logical manner to make the computer run fast.

This process is not necessary for computers that use solid-state drives (SSD) as Windows will automatically perform the function regularly in the background. Note that you should not defrag an SSD.

  1. Check for malware

A computer that lacks antivirus software is at a risk of virus attack, which can slow your computer performance and result in loss of data. Also, spyware will compromise your computer’s security by collecting the information stored in the computer and monitoring every activity on your computer.

Therefore, it is advisable to launch antivirus software and ensure that it is updated. Run a full scan and if your software package allows you to schedule scans, schedule them for computer virus removal.

  1. Limit startup programs

The version of Windows or the hardware you are using impacts how fast your computer starts up. Though most computer users have not yet realized, the number of programs scheduled to start up whenever Windows starts greatly affects how fast your computer can start.

Another cause of slow computers is having numerous programs running in the background. This will not only make your computer slow but it could also be a potential cause of software crashes. To make your computer fast, consider disabling the programs that you don’t need to start right away.


How to make computer faster is a common question that has been bothering most computer users. Apart from the four actions discussed in this article, consider enhancing the RAM of your computer, uninstalling any unnecessary programs, and deleting the useless temporary files. Also, you can consult geeks on site and off site for computer virus removal services.


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