Speed up your computer with easy steps

Is your computer getting slow? Is your hard disc space running out? Do you want to get rid of the files like cookies and history?

Before you spend a thousand on a new computer, here are the solutions for How to make computer faster. It takes only a few simple steps to make your computer run faster.


Create a backup of our data

It is always a good idea to create a backup, before making any major changes to your computer. We all have some important data stored on our computers that we do not want to lose. These files may contain our favorite music playlists, photographs of cherished memories, schoolwork folders, office project files, tax return files, bank documents and many other files.

To make the backup you have three main options:-

First, make a backup on CD or DVD and place them carefully so they are not damaged, scratched and broken.

Second, you can buy an external hard disk having larger space then that you already have. By inserting, the USB of external drive your computer will automatically gives the options to create a backup in the hard drive.

You can also take help from Google if you want to know more about backing up your important data.

If you are worried about damaging your first and second data record options, here we have another option for you.

The third option is you can save online. For this, you need to subscribe to a back up service that is safe for you like SOS online backup. You can set your computer on a schedule to the cloud to make a back up.

Refresh the computer memory

The first step we discussed above helps in temporarily speed up the computer by refreshing the memory. You need to shut down or restart your computer for a few minutes and then turn back it on. Also, make sure that you save every project of yours before shutting down your computer. Make sure to empty the recycle bin.

Prevent Unnecessary Start-ups 

Many of the programs may start as you turn on your computer system because they are running in the background. Moreover, when you open them they load quickly. You need to run a search of “msconfig” by opening the start menu and click on the list of programs that run at the time of boosting up of the system and make sure to uncheck the unnecessary things/programs or you can click on “Disable All”.

Add More RAM

RAM is the temporary storage system used by the computer. The more programs you use the more RAM you need. If you do not have enough RAM, your computer will slow down. Either you can add more RAM or you can buy completely new memory.

You can also follow the Disk Fragment and Disk Clean Up and Hoover out the Dust steps.

All these steps help you in making your system work faster and saving your important data safely.


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