How to Make Computer Faster and Smoother

Are you frustrated with the working of your computer? A sluggish computer ruins a person’s zest and ability to show performance. If you are also struggling with the same issue as stated above, you should read this carefully. A computer slows down when it gets older or clogged up with unnecessary files, software and other digital information. It does not mean that you need to buy a new computer. You can either hire a Greek Squad to make your machine run faster or look for Online Computer Repair agency that can provide you online help for making urgent changes in your computer to make it run faster.


To achieve this, a few following ways may be adopted:

Uninstall the programs that are not in use

Your machine may be loaded with a number of unnecessary programs that you never use. It is better to remove all unused programs from your machine.

Delete temporary files

Temporary files load your computer through everyday tasks and stay on the hard disk of your machine.  These files slow down your computer and it is better to get rid of these files. Removing these files from your computer will enhance the hard disk space thus speeding up your computer.

Remove big files from the desktop

It may be convenient for you to save all your files and programs on the desktop but it really makes your computer sluggish. The files and programs that are saved on the desktop are represented by icons and eat up the major portion of the memory. Thus, more icons or images on the desktop means less memory space available for other programs. You can make several folders in your drive to keep necessary files and programs. This will clean up the desktop and will thus, improve the speed of your computer.

Prevent unwanted start ups

Does your computer take a long time to startup? It may happen due to too many startup programs that are launched up on startup which continues to run and eat up the memory of your computer. You might realize to dismay that these programs are running on your computer when you start. Thus, either hide the programs or disable the programs that you do not want to run on the start up of your computer.

Increase RAM of your machine

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It refers to the temporary storage memory in your computer and is consumed when different tasks are being performed using different programs.  Thus, if you are using too many programs, you may have to increase the RAM. If your computer does not have enough RAM, it will work slowly thus hampering your work.

By using the above given ways you can make your computer run faster. You must keep in mind that it is not a troublesome task and time consuming. Removing unwanted files and programs and running basic utilities are much less demanding and are the best ways to remove sluggishness of your computer.


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