How to solve most common problems with computer?

A few years ago, we required computer technical support person for our every small or big computer related issues. But now, we are able to learn more basic skills of computer repair and also resolve our tech related problems without call any Online Computer Repair support. So, we all must have to learn about some basic repair skills or how to fix some basic issues. In this, we are going to share some basic problems and solutions of computer or laptop.


  • How to make computer faster : – This is the most common problem of computer or laptop. Old computers, mainly starting slow down after a time period. This problem is not happening with new devices. You have to start with remove pre-install applications .You can also buy or install a software that helps to remove all unwanted and temporary files Like cc cleaner,etc. It helps to remove duplicates and useless applications.
  • Blue screen of Devices: – Most of us suffer from this type of problem. In this situation our PC and laptop turn with blue with blue screen and you don’t have any choice to search out this problem. This is because of memory fault or lack of memory .In this situation you have to know about your memory type of computer or laptop after that you will be able to replace this old memory with new one.  Do it with carefully if you don’t want to damage it.
  •  When computer keeps restarting: – It’s not so easy to find out a hardware problem and resolve it. You have to confirm first your window latest updates if your computer has this issue .Then update your all windows drivers, graphics drivers, video card Etc. sometime it can be happen because of viruses, overheat of device etc.
  • Pop up ads: – When we open our web browser sometimes there is a small pop up ad window appear on our desktop. If you have to install an adware like pc speed pro, Pc speed up, malwarebytes. This software displays unwanted ads and best solutions for malware.
  • Wifi disconnecting: – This is a very common issue with our pc or computers. Check your router, computer, ISP before calling your internet service provider. Sometimes weak signals also reason of disconnect. Next, update your Pc wireless card or driver. You can also try troubleshooting this problem with right click on wifi icon .It’s really very helpful.

There are some useful tips for resolve your common issues with computers or laptops.


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