What to do when keyboard is not working properly?

Most of us usually admit that “Keyboard is the most useful part of our computers”. It could be so stressful when keyboard not works properly. So in this post we are here to share some us useful tips when your keyboard not working properly.


You can easily fix your keyboard with following useful tips: –

1) Reboot and try in Safe Mode

If you are a Microsoft Windows user and specific keys malfunction in all programs, reboot you computer and try the keys in Safe Mode.

2) Clean the keyboard

If any key is not working then remove it from keyboard and clean it with soft cloth.In some situations, dirt, hair, dust, and other debris can obstruct keys or cause them to malfunction.

Possible causes: virus/malware infection (infected driver), Corrupt drivers ,Internal damage

Possible solutions: virus/malware scans ,reinstalling drivers, use Key Tweak to restore or remap the failing keys.

3) Get rid of sticky liquid spills

Sometimes we have spilled some fruit juice or other sticky beverage on keyboard, it also a big reason of outage of our keyboard. So just fix it with thin and clean cloth, lukewarm water or rubbing alcohol. Gently clean keyboard button with cloth and remove sticky spills from keyboard. If some keyboard button is not working, then you can replace them at that time.

4) For Quick Fix Use USB 

If you have an urgent pending project, then you can also use a USB Keyboard for awhile. Simply borrow or buy a USB keyboard and plug in with your laptop’s USB port .you can easily complete your work with this.

5) Issue with Motherboard 

A Motherboard is the most important part of any computer .It helps to run many functions in a computer including our keyboard. If the connection between motherboard and keyboard was lost then keyboard will not work properly or may be stopped at all.

In this case you should concern with some best Online Computer Repair company and also hire some professionals to get the rid of this.

So, if your keyboard not working, then don’t frustrate just read these above issues and tips and fix it out or call Geeks on site and off site repair service providers.


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