Computer Repair with Freezing Method

There may be hardware and software issues with your computer. If any hardware component of computer doesn’t work, then it can also harmful to its performance. Any software or hardware issues may freeze your computer; generally, it is important to notice while you are attaching any printer or scanner to your computer. The Driver conflict problem arises sometimes when you attach them with a computer. Contact Computer repair professional Like Geeks on Repair to know How to Make Computer Faster. You can also try following important tips:

how to make computer faster
Give Rest to Your Computer

In this you will have to switch off your computer for some time and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds. This one is the best trick to reset the hardware and also to clear the computer memory.

Check if a computer becomes Hot 

One thing you should remember that after shut down; unplug the computer, after unplugging only you can check internal hardware parts of the computer. Do not wear any jewelry and clothes that produce lots of static. It creates difficulty in troubleshooting.

Diagnose Your Computer

In this power of your computer and wait for some time to turn it back on. Now a day’s some computer brands contain built in diagnostics which tells you about any issues. If the system has any problem, then writes the codes and consults with Online Computer Repair regarding this. They will easily resolve this issue.

Cabinet Checking

Heat is bad for electronics, use clean cloth to clean the fans and remove dust from fans and internal hardware parts of the computer. Cleaning should be done after shut down of the computer. Regular cleaning is good for the computer.

computer repair
Check Device Drivers

When you are updating your computer window, then some time system may download incorrect driver. With the help of device manager check the device errors with yellow exclamation and unplug USB device if connected. It helps to remove those errors. If errors are still there, then restore your computer.

Check Hard Disc of Your Computer

Hard disc is the place where all your computer data is stored and it becomes cluttered when used for longer time. It is the biggest reason for the slow speed of computer. Use CHKDSK to scan hard disc of your computer. It will increase the life of your computer.

Install Antivirus

Install good antivirus program on your computer to remove unwanted programs and files from your computer. As we know viruses are well known attackers for computer and plays a vital role to damage it. Then anti-virus helps to remove these attackers. You can also contact professional which provide Virus Removal Service to remove viruses from your computer.


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