How to Backup Your Data from your Computer

Regular Data backups are one of the most important aspects of a company’s infrastructure. Business will come to a stand-still without data availability. But the needed regularity and consistency of it is why most business owners fail to have a proper data back-up strategy. There are several methods and devices to be used for backing up data. Geeks on Repair also provide this kind of service to their customers. Consider the following useful ways for backing up your important data.

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USB Stick
USB flash drives can connect to a computer using a USB port. These USB sticks are basically miniature hard drives. These drives are extremely cheap and prices depend on their capacity. USB drives are also portable and can be used to backup information from many computers to the same drive.
External Hard Drive
If you want to backup storage media , then use an external hard drive. It has the lowest cost per gigabyte when compared to other backup devices. It Uses the same plug and play functionality that’s used in the USB stick. It has a high transfer rate so you can easily transfer large amounts of data in seconds. The major drawback of using an external drive is that you will need to update your backups on a regular basis .There is also the risk of the device being stolen or misused.

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keyboard message , lock

Network Attached Storage

It is a dedicated device and has its own IP address. It can be used as a multimedia server and can function as an email or lightweight database server. The main drawback of using this is that you have to purchase additional hard drive bays in case you need more capacity.
Cloud Storage
Due to its many benefits cloud storage has become popular with businesses of all sizes. By using cloud storage you can access data anywhere, even from Smartphone devices, as well as the fact that it enables you to work with the most current hardware and up to date software. It is very affordable and cloud computing is also very convenient.
Choosing the best system for backup is a tough decision that will impact your business on a daily basis. Contact our Online Computer Repair department, and our experts here at Geeks On Repair will provide you the best solutions and methods for backing up your important data.


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