How to make your Windows Faster

How to make your Windows Faster

Is your computer slowing down, whizzing and giving some internet errors?  Before you spend money to buy new computer there are some quick and easy steps that might answer some of the question on How to make Computer Faster.

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Slow Startup- During startup download a program like auto runs to disable certain programs. Just click the start menu , go to search or run, then type “msconfig” select the startup tab and uncheck the boxes of the programs you don’t want to start up.

Delete Unwanted Applications– Click the start button again, then the open control panel .After that under programs click “uninstall a program” then choose the program you want to uninstall and delete.

Run Less Programs at Once– At a time run only one program and close the other programs. It will surely boost the speed of your computer.

Clean up your Hard Drive– If you will clean your hard drive, then it will automatically remove unneeded files, empty the recycle bin and also delete the temporary files.

Check for updates– Keep updating your software to run your computer faster and healthy. Better if you can set your computer to automatically update.

How to make computer faster

Always use update anti-virus for your computer– It is an important step to boost your computer. So update your anti- virus time to time to get faster computer and faster internet speed.

Defrag- Defragging process will scan all the files on your computer and then recognize them, Saving space on your hard drive. Use software like CCleaner software to clean your system and run it faster. This software will help to clean out the registry and the registry will run faster too. Apart from this window formatting and reinstall is also a great option to speed up your computer. If you still face some problems regarding the speed of your computer then Online Computer Repair will be the best option.


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