What to do before online computer Repair

Most of the times little troubleshooting can save up to 100% or so, if we know that what easy things to try before calling Online Computer Repair. There are some simple things that fix a number of computer problems and trying them before you call a repair company could save time, money and frustration.

online computer repair

Shut Down and Restart- It is a good first step for any electronic device that is frozen and stops working. For all electronic systems like computer, printers, routers, even personal electronics like MP3 players and cell phones. If your system is frozen, then resist the urge to pull the plug.

Shut Down and Restart the Internet– When your internet slows down, there are several parts you should restart to boost the speed. For high speed internet connection and more than one computer, you likely have a modem or router. To resolve internet connection problem use “power cycle” before you spend more hours on computer.It is useful method if you want to know that How to make Computer Faster.

Power Off– If restarting the system does not work, then try shutting down the entire system. If you have laptop then remove the battery to ensure that entire system is fully re-booted.

Check Cables– Next step is to check all the cables inside and outside of the device, you would surprise that how easy it is for cables to get pulled loose.

how to make computer faster

Recreate the Problem– Unfortunately; it is common for computers to encounter rare series of circumstances that causes something to malfunction. This problem will remove after restarting the system. So make sure that you will be able to tell the technician about the exact problem.

Check on Google about Error Message– It is also beneficial to check about error message which was at your computer. For example, if you get a message like “permissions not granted” then find its simple solution On Google.

Update your anti-virus programs– Keep updating time to time anti-virus and anti spyware programs to get free from pop up errors, odd errors, slow system and running your protection programs.


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