How to Secure Your Computer

Layered Security is the best way to protect your computer. This security is a kind of overlapping security you should also have in place on your computer to protect the entire valuable information you have stored like social security number, financial information and work related files. Time to time Online Computer Repair should be done to make it safe to use. Here we discussed 5 security layers to protect your computer.

Computer Security
Computer security. Isolated on white with clipping path for laptop.

Protected Desktop Password

When you turn on your computer does it ask for a desktop password? If it does not ask and your computer is stolen, then thief can easily access your computer. So prevent It by creating a decently long password with letters, numbers and digits.

Install updated Anti-Virus Software

Make sure your anti-virus software is always up to date to keep secure your PC from viruses such as Malware and Spyware.

Do not click on pop ups for anti –virus software

Never click on pop up ads because aim of these ads is to hack your financial information. Do not enter any personal information on these pop up ads and their website. Contact some professional he knows very well that How to Make Computer Faster and virus free.

Computer security. Isolated on white with clipping path for laptop.Install a web reputation browser Plug-in

It is sometimes difficult to know that a website is malicious or not. There are browser plug-ins out there that will alert you if you click on a link to a questionable website.

Use a spam filter on your E-mail

Every day emails that contain viruses and damaging software are sent to you. You may recognize them as spam, so keep these emails out of your inbox with the help of spam filter on your email account. Make sure never open these kinds of mails.

So if your computer faces these kinds of problems, then use Geeks on Site and offsite services to make your computer safe and secure to use.


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