How to make an Eco-friendly Computer

Our Computers and Pcs usually increase our monthly bills and also
drain energy. EPA (Environmental protection agency) also researched that world’s 5 billion pound waste is generated with computer and electronic waste. So, In this blog we help you to keep your PC or computer Eco friendly and safe and also save your money.

You should follow some following easy steps: –

Always Turn Off the Monitor

You should know that Monitor is the main part that using the most of energy you can also analysis that fact. So first of all you should always turn off your monitor for eco-friendly. Another important step for a more energy saver monitor is set your monitor feature on sleep mode when you stay away from your computer. This feature helps to automatically power down after some specific set time. But not for all time when you stay away for 30 minutes and longer so in this situation you should turn off your PC.

Always Turn Off Screensaver

Nowadays we are not using that function, but if you are designing that Screensavers then immediate turn off it. Because, its waste most of the energy. You can save $25 to $75 /year on energy costs to turn off it.

Use some other Power Options

You can also use some other power saving modes. First, Set your PC to either standby mode or hibernate mode. Very low power is used in this standby mode. Your computer will turn to sleep mode when you stay away and turn on within some second when you return. In other, hibernate mode will not use any power of your computer. In this mode your PC will turn to sleep and returned immediately.

Always Update and Recycle your system

When your computer takes more efforts to process and also generate excessive heat its means your Computers have wastes powers. You should reduce these all waste for proper performing of your system. If it’s the time to say goodbye to your old computer, then you can recycle it. You can donate it exchange it with a new one or more others.
Now, If it’s the time to buy a new one computer, then always prefer more energy saver and Eco friendly computers. You can so see some other features when you buy a new one like reusable, rechargeable components, and some recycled materials. If you would like to save more money and also more energy saving then feel free to call Geeks on site and off site services on Geeks for repair and its best Online computer repair services.


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