How to Make Your PC Run Faster

The important rule of computing is that do not fix your system if it is not broke. It is dangerous to repair your fully functional computer in a casual or desultory way. Here I discuss some important tips if you will follow these then you computer will run better. Follow these useful tips and learn How to make computer faster.

If you are facing some hardware problem and you will find that your BIOS is the reason behind this then you should update your motherboard’s firmware. Now a days it is quite simple to replace your computer BIOS as compare to few years ago. If your computer is one year old then you will find new version of this. Both BIOS and UEFI (United Extensible Firmware Interface) provide first communication between software and hardware. When you have installed this BIOS version then you can check it with the help of check box in windows.

A driver is software that helps to run your computer. On motherboard there are chip set drivers that control everything on motherboard. For WI-FI, video cards, audio devices you need to install different drivers. You can also use online computer repair to get more information about these drivers.

Every time when you install any program then added processes that run in background are also installed into your computer. Then go to control panel and uninstall these unwanted programs.

computer-repair-1In computer heat is a devil when your chips and drivers will be hot then it automatically slows down your computer and cause shut down to your PC.Try that every hardware device of your computer stays below 60C.Clean your fans, grill intakes and overall all parts.

The best way to improve your computer speed is increase the memory of your RAM. Use Crucial driver tool to check How much initial memory you have and how much to be installed. USE 8GB or more if your operating system will support. If you have Laptop then use external USB drive to use data.128GB SSD should be fine for you needs.

So try these simple steps and make your computer run faster. You can also Take advantage of our Geeks on site and offsite services . Try our services with one click on


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